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Any car owner knows the importance of having one’s car door in an excellent shape. However, getting into an accident with another vehicle can render serious damage to one’s car doors. While in some situations, the door might be heavily dented but fixable, there are those times when the particular auto part is beyond repair. Failing to get it replaced immediately might be quite dangerous for both the driver as well as the people riding in the car.

After all, car doors serve one of the most important safety measures when it is on road. It keeps the passengers/contents inside the vehicle and prevents them from falling outside, which can prove to be fatal, especially when the car is in motion. All sorts of vehicles depend on sturdy and reliable car doors to reach their destination safely. A cargo truck or van often relies on the strength of their car doors to keep the commodities that they are transporting, safe from harm. Similarly, a formula-one driver largely depends on his car door to be safe during a race, when he driving the sports car at breakneck speeds.

Types Of Car Doors

Car doors can vary quite a bit in accordance to the car that you are driving. Even the number of doors can differ. While most standardized vehicles have four doors, there are a few compact cars with single door on each side. SUVs and other mini vans tend to have an extra pair of doors in the back, since have an increased capacity of carrying passengers. Also, there is an array of different materials that car doors are made from, including a blend or combination of rubber, copper, steel aluminum, iron, glass and other alloys.

A car door is made up of a number of elements such as the car handle, hinges and door lock. To have a properly functioning car, one has to ensure that all of those individual car parts are working in harmony with each other. If you are finding difficulty in locating an auto store where all these auto parts will be available, you should visit Parts Avatar Canada, where one can purchase every type of ​​aftermarket auto parts. A few of the replacement auto parts that are available here are:

  • Door Handle
  • Door Sill Plate
  • Door Shell
  • Moulding
  • Window Regulator

The door handle helps one to access the car from both the outside and inside. Door locks, on the other hand, helps keep it secure by preventing it from unceremoniously swinging open in the middle of a ride. Then there are door hinges which ensure the smooth opening and closing of the door. In the case of electronic doors, motors are installed which lets the doors be operated automatically. In most commercial vehicles, motors are synced with windows regulators that control the movement of the windows.

However, it is advised that when you purchase a new car door, you look into the history of the manufacturers. Not all manufacturers specialize in producing car doors. Also, while some car parts makers have quite an impressive record of producing interior door handles, the expertise of other manufacturers lie in producing good quality hinges. It is also not a requirement that you purchase all of the car parts needed to assemble a car door from a single manufacturer. This is why Parts Avatar Canada is known as the virtual showroom for aftermarket car parts. Here you can browse through a number of manufactures and brands and shop for the car parts you desire.

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